Friday, 18 April 2014

Fashion Friday: A Good Friday Selfie

Its good  friday and  i feel reflecting about my self at the moment.  Think about what i  have done this year so far...   I have a bigger plans to do this year for my blog.   I would be taking part and getting involve with bloggers get together and attending bloggers conferences.   I have'nt really been interested until lately i realize there's a lot more to do out there in the bloggers world.  I started blogging in 2009 to enable me to organize my thoughts and passion.  Its my life's journal..

I didnt really care if people read my blog or not.  Liked or Not.  for me its a therapy....a space for my self.... a space to let my inner creativity out.

                                                   This is the real me!

Dorking around!!!

Who Cares!!!

Geek is the new Chic!

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