Friday, 24 June 2011

FASHION FRIDAY....Pink Purple Florals

Today is the day that my baby is due.....still waiting for labor to kick in....while i wait i thought i do my fashion friday.

Inspire by this season must have, which is FLORALS and PINKS.
i saw this two dresses which i have never really worn from last year. i love the comfortable shape and it was perfect for my bump. it just makes me feel blooming gorgeous.

Click photos to enlarge:shirtdress: monsoon
earrings/bracelets : john lewis
grey leggings: Topshop
pink nail polish: mavala

dress: handmade from phils
cardigan/leggings: River island
sunglasses: john lewis
Fragrance: LOLA edp

Thursday, 23 June 2011

HOUSE TOUR.....the latest of 2011..

I am pleased to show you my home tour for this year. its been a while seen my last house tour. its all because of the incoming of my baby which is due tomorow or very soon. So im keeping this short so enjoy the tour.
click on the photos to enlarge view:

Monday, 20 June 2011


a touch of sunshine.....the neatness of that white walls, made it possible to bring in tidiness and coolness of yellow. Just the kind of qualities you need when life outside most london homes is dull and grey.
photo sourse:
assorted blog

white, white, white white, fresh ,fresh fresh, and bright green.
i just adore this space. fresh, femine and very glamorous ....

photo source: Ana Cordeiro

click photo to enlarge:

INSPIRE ME MONDAY......3 minute makeover.

hello.... i wanted to share my new pride and joy of updating my( shame) old ceiling lamp... i felt it is now a bit tacky but i dont really want to give it away to charity shop. I spotted this ceiling lamp from Made by girl blog of tamara's apartment. everyone knows she is the queen of Jimmy choos creative designs.
all i need:
ikea- Rismon shade £ 12.99
and 3 minutes....

inspiration: seen in the apartment tamara of jimmy choos.

from this......

to these!!  voila! 


click photo to enlarge:


hello i just want to share this monday a collection of photos that i have been admiring. I made a collage to show using TORQUOISE BLUE AND PINK . To some people, using this colors might not be their cup of tea. but i believe color can influence people's emotion and can defintely replect their state of mind. As for my life, colors had heals my negative emotion.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

FASHION FRIDAY ......Black and White with Sunny Yellow

inspired by my love for monochromatic colors. this time i match it with sunshine.
(click photos to enlarge)

Been raining all week and i was desperate to come out. made an appointment to meet a friend to go to mass in the westminster cathedral.

THE LOOK: monochrome with a touch of sunshine
trouser: river island
vest: H&M
stripe tshirt: henry holland from in debenhams
bag: kenneth cole
earrings: from my mate kelly hand me down
nailpolish: mavala

UPDATE....maternity leave / 1 week to go.. house tour.

Its nearly weekend and as today, its 8 days before my due date. I was really getting bored of waiting but i realized that its the best time to really enjoy what i love, decorating and styling my home.

(click photos to enlarge)

this is a collage to give you the overall view of the changes in my flat, you notice the space had becomes more brighter, i still kept most of the walls white but i decided to add some bright blue and dark grey with splashes of yellow. The look im aiming is a contemporary used of bold colors to give a cute and cozy feel. its was really inspired by children rooms.

my favorite since my childhood, Hello Kitty from John lewis but its only for me.

I have a few of these harajuko dolls that came as a top of a fragrance. I adore them so i put them in one of these frame that came from ikea and used one of the sample wallpaper that you can order from a store, it was named "brighton" from harlequins wallpaper.

abacus bought from a charity shop, it was dirty and brown but i have given it a new life of fresh white paints and colors bead to match the new color scheme.

so proud of these, my own DIY baby's wardrobe, which used to be my shoe and handbag closet. i still have my shoes halfway up. But i have design this wardrobe for when the baby is a toddler, he can easily reach his own stuff. The textiles i used with matching boxes and hooks are from ikea fabler range.

Sweet Savvy Mama -- baby's journal

This baby's book journal from John Lewis was perfect for recording all records especially their prescious moments. As an older mom who has a cancer history and a foreigner in this country, i am concerned to write down every information about his history including his families, medical and how special he is for us.

(click photos to enlarge)

Monday, 13 June 2011

MY MIDWEEK MOOD......more wish list...

being constantly browsing and looking at something new, make me want to buy and change things in my home. but thanks to IKEA its all possible to change the look of your room for under £100. and i found a french company named ADDITIK* which sell adhesive pictures that you can stick on your ikea furnitures. perfect if you just want to change the look without changing your furniture.
(click photos to enlarge)
A. Bedroom

B. Dining and Kitchen (all from ikea)

C. Nursery(toys from BABIES R US, furniture from HOMEBASE, blanket from JOHN LEWIS)

FASHION STYLING.. Stripe Dress with Jacket.

Stripe Dress with Jacket.

Stripe Dress with Jacket. by malisha1 featuring platform shoes

H M zipper dress
20 GBP -

Ever zipper jacket
$855 -

Giuseppe Zanotti platform shoes
$650 -

Wet Seal bracelet
$8.99 -

Miu Miu velvet sunglasses
130 GBP -

FASHION FRIDAY...... stripes, neons, banana

yellow is the new black...

Look : prada summer 2011 colors stripes.

Top: primark

jeans: peacock

im so loving these top only £4 from primark, comes in different combination of colors and the shape is perfect on my baby bump. you can wear in different ways with loose trousers shorts or skirt. i like it with my old pair of boyfriend's jeans. dont forget to accessorize.

Monday, 6 June 2011

UPDATE... maternity leave...3 weeks to due date part 2..


living in a 1 bed flat is sure is a challenge for accomodating a baby. But since the father of the baby is still living and working in wales, he is only here on weekends. sure a small baby couldnt really cramp my old single style of keeping a lot of clothes, bags and shoes, wouldnt it? Well here what i did, first of all i did a big decluttering of my own stuff, i had rutelessly got rid of stuff i havent worn or use for more than 1 year. i sold on ebay, gave to charity shops. Then i built my baby's wardrobe inside half of my shoes and handbag closet.

tips: separate going out clothes, everyday wear and baby essentials toiletries and nappies on each spaces.

Wardrobe : going out clothes also i keep his older clothes which i am collecting.
I cut an old curtain pole to fit the length of the wardrobe and got some hook to hang it from a local diy shop. also use some fabric from ikea which was on sale and got the matching boxes with it. look, so cute and smelling nice too since i put some potporri that i hang inside a small pouch bag.

Everyday clothes and blankets, this used to be my multimedia cabinet now converting it as a cabinet and baby's changer in the new nursery im going to make in 2 to 3 months when he outgrown his moses basket in my bedroom.

since he is going to be in my room for 2 to 3 months, im using my drawers as his temporary changer so i swap my essentials on the top drawer for his essentials like his nappies, toiletries for easy reaching when i am changing him. and on the top i will put his changing mat.