Sunday, 25 July 2010

MY WEEKEND.... park life in london

MY WEEKEND......dining at no. 47

setting for dinner.

i got the candle from miller harris.

chicken satay and peanut sauce and spicy thai salad.

seafood thai green curry

my new laughing budha

enjoying after dinner coffee in the balcony.

and here's my carter 4 course dinner.....his 1st meal cook in no. 47. deserve a 10 but didnt make a dessert so its an 8. sorry babes.....

Monday, 19 July 2010

MY MIDWEEK MOOD.......a loving person

Love is pure and simple.....

Love, unfortunately, has become one of the most misunderstood and confused words in any language. some want it to mean nothing more than the attraction between the sexes. others want it to mean no more than desire and its satisfaction. And when others speak of it, it seems that love and sex are synonymous. Its all so sad because love understoods any of these is hardly love. It is confused: the wrapper is taken for the content.

Love is really like life. It is so vast in its meaning, so varied in its expressions and so rich in its manifestations that one has to be fully alive in order to understand love fully. As someone wrote: " The best definition of love is a loving person.

The measure of love, then, is not what our hearts dictate or what our desires lead us to. Love is very much greater than what i now can feel. It is much more than the urges i fell within. Love is, above all, the goodness that is within me that i must share with the goodness of other persons.

MY MIDWEEK MOOD.......playing domestic goddess

Every woman is a domestic goddess inside. and what about a city woman with a busy job and social life? well, i have no kids so there is really no excuse for me not to have a perfect homelife.

how to be a domestic goddess?

first, you must have a perfectly clean home and it should mirror with a perfect grooming of yourself.

take time in preparing everything.. cleaning your home, setting the table, preparing the ingredients. do every effort to be perfect. i assure you, if your man is really in love with you. it wont fail to be un-notice.

its your home, its your kitchen, you are the masterchef. and it should look like it was done by the masterchef.

voila..... the show began....

my first domestic goddess attempt, it was in his own flat in cardiff. which i failed. i have managed to lock myself out and left the keys inside. i have to call him at his office where he was so busy. But i remember the DG quote, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. so i manage to sort it out with a locksmith with 47£ fee. but it was all worth it. when i saw his big smile back.

MY of walking

joy is one of the most elusive of all human experiences. joy can come from many sources. and most of where it comes from are ordinary and simple. i am very blessed to be able to discover the joys of walking. Great Britain has so many different walk paths from beginners to extreme walkers and ramblers.
check these web site for green chain walks.

bute castle

one of the many sights along the way.

beautiful parks