Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Birkenstock is back

Hi there!  see i been playing with fashion styling again!  it must be the nice weather that inspire me to make a bit of effort to be stylist yet comfortable.  My personal style is  really  casual  basic,  street , relax and timeless.
 Photo:  Pinterest
My old birks bought in 2001 for a holiday in Spain has travelled in many continent.
 WHATSHU GOT?   What do you got??

Savvy Mama says . . . . Dont buy!  Work it out ...Whatever you already got in your closet. 

Do i look alright?

Only if i am slimmer,  this dress alone with a matching crossover bag and birks would really look great on me!

I got this white birks!  so i want to see if i can wear it like this.  With things i already got.

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