Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Get Organize

Spring is a time for new beginning,  a fresh new start. 
Today i feel so much gratitude in my home life that i want to leave you some inspiration,  thoughts for a happier life at home without over indulging.  To try to live within our means.  We all dream of a bigger home.  But then we are face of a reality that it is what it is.   Don't spend the money you simply do not have.  Save your money and purchase only what you really need. 
The best thing in life are free...

whats wrong with Wilkenson or poundstretcher ?  if you got an eye, you can find something cheap but chic.  

Create a more efficient lifestyle,  A good time management.

The difference between STYLE  and  FASHION.... STYLE is eternal... FASHION does not last....by YSL.

organizational inspiration

Maximize your Space and Clear out Clutter.
My  moto  ;   For every new thing you bring into your home, get rid of 2 things.

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