Sunday, 30 September 2012

stack shelving unit - get the look for much less

If you are like me who loves scandinavian interior design then i guess you will love this new trendy stack panel shelving unit.  With this you can customize your shelves starting with this two steel sides then add other pieces or desk.  Excellent space saver and very versatile.  View more photos inspirations of this shelving right here.

you can find similar panel like this at john lewis

this a very pretty and cheaper ikea  version inspired by KOTIPALAPELI


stack shelves

This weekend i had a chance to spend my time on my own, while my son and his dad went to town for some father and son bonding time. I dont know for how long i been pinning pictures of this lovely shelves. One of my favorite was from a blogger Weekday carnival . They are so cool! and i so love them.







photo source  no, 2,3,4,5,6  weekday carnival,  photo no. 1.  time of the aquarius blog.


Sunday, 23 September 2012

fun time in the park

living in london with children has its own advantage,   We got the best park  in the city.   Not only its huge but very well planned,  particularly hyde park.  lots of places to entertain young kiddies for free.   This one is the lady diana memorial children park
a fox hole for little jc to explore.

spinning disk

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

MIDWEEK MOOD: get well my baby!!

Our weekend was spend caring for my baby who finally catch the colds virus.  This was the 2nd time he got ill but the first one he didnt have a lot of mucus. It started on friday afternoon when he started moaning and i suspect that his throat was hurting.  i decided to give him ibuprufen but he threw up.  threwing up all his meals that day.  The next day he was not in good mood and refuse to eat anything.  so i decided to take him to the doctor.  I continue giving ibuprufen every 6 hrs 3x a day until sunday then monday he seems to be feeling better so i gave him only 2 doses.  At night we also use KARVOL vaporizer which works well unblocking his nose and giving him a good night  sleep.
moan, moan , moan with his bunny

feeling a lot better!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

portabello street

Portabello Street is my fav for shopping vintages.  here you find retro from 50's and 60's.  The best time to shop on this market are when its nearly their closing time before 5 pm.  Then the try to sell everytime for real bargain price just to get rid of it. 
just love this pastel colorful  street

i was going to buy this but i end up buying the spit fire replica model instead.

Just me...

was in cardiff for a weekend, decided to take pics before going out for dinner.  I wore this red dress that i've only worn once during my pregnancy.  yes, it is the same dress thats on the title of this blog.  The view behind is cardiff bay.

Update at home

Well the news!  i am going to rent it out since the value is not worth selling it at the moment.  I dont know when we will be here but at the moment trying to enjoy every moment in it.  I have to rearrange some of the furniture since JC is now a hyperactive toddler. 

Out and about with my Mountain Buggy

Love this new MOUNTAIN BUGGY that we recently bought from john lewis.  This is my 5th one and i promise that it would be the last.  At first i  couldnt justify paying a lot of money for a buggy but now i know how important to have a good pushchair in london and especially if you dont drive a car.  This is going to be a great use when we move to wales as well.  This type of buggy would suit parents if you are like us who loves to go out for a run and long walks on a rough terrain.  Its so light to push and easy to fold.

look how cute he is on it!

love being out and about now that i have this great looking and effecient buggy.

one of the sight on the canal walk.
london bridge

JC these days

JC is now 14 and a half old!  Can you believe it?  he has grown to be a healthy little toddler,  full of energy and very persistent and very cheeky.  He loves playing hide and seek and giggles alot.  here some photo rain of him over the last month.
enjoying a splash in serpentain fountain  at hyde park

doing a Justin beaber

let loose in the park

his first scooter.

one of his favorite play- reaaranging my cupboard!

one very hot day at home.