Wednesday, 28 December 2011

see you next year!!!!!

a sneak peak on our christmas....

my festive table

recycled cardigan from steve's old jumper that i shrunk in the wash

one of the 2 amazing birds(one i put on my wreath)  i  found  it in Cancer Research Charity Shop in marylebone road.... only cost me £3 each but for me it was priceless.. i been searching these for such a long time and finding it in the charity shop was the last place i would thought i would found it.

our home sweet home
this year festive scene.. a modern black and white with  a woodland twist...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


hello you!   its tuesday, yesterday i was busy with the food shopping, its a 30 mins walk with pushing jc's buggy.  i was dead tired when i got back home.   anyway,  5 days to go before christmas..still havent got a christmas tree?  why buy when you can just go to a woods or park if you live in the city and just pick up a fallen twig or branch,  i dont know about you but "je de'teste" those  plastic green pine trees that they sell in supermarkets .  Its nothing better than the actual real one.  but the conservationist  in me didnt like  the idea of chopping down trees for decoration.

 heres a round up of all my favorite blogger and their christmas trees.



by jen of MADE BY GIRL

Sunday, 18 December 2011

2011 Christmas images

This year christmas my decor was inspired by childhood memories and my love for scandinavian retro, shabby chic in a contemporary twist..  I made a mistake of buying an expensive glittering modern xmas tree last year.  now im stuck with it unless i can sell it in ebay for a fair price.  I always wanted a piece of fallen branch of tree , decorated with handmade objects.  .

Childhood Inspirations,   my DIY decorated mason jar for chocolates and my table centerpiece, a piece of fallen branch found in one of our walk in the park. decorated with my butterflies and handmade tree ornaments. 

ikea got a nice napkins selection this year...and this little decor is so cute.
this picture was a cutout from a john lewis newletter last year.   Love the artwork that i couldnt let it go when i was throwing out the magazine.
JC xmas stocking ... all filled up with goodies and  his xmas teddy wearing his xmas bib.
my cake stand got a different purpose this year.

the new family picture corner
well can't resist to take this picture of the cute li'l jc playing with his new shoes , a pressee from godmother

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My first christmas in no. 47....

i missed the lightness of white and the warmed of the reds....very simple and cozy...

an online friend from holland sent me this hyacinth seed.  i manage to grow it, never been a green finger but i think this house makes the plant happy.  i just love having beautiful plants as an ornaments.

my study table used to face the i could watch the changes of weather...i remember it was heavily snowing outside.

the other seeds (tulips)  still growing!!

study and formal dining

one lazy cozy winter....

 i used to have a small table in the kitchen where i eat most meals...
lovely me with my wig( still bald head)

JC's Lil Nook

All my life i prepare a life of NO KIDS ZONE....but with the birth of my own son.... i discover babies are so much fun.  And creating their space is easy as ABC.....their tiny bodies can fit in any smallest square inch of a space.   Here's a peek of my little one's nook.  its a space in the corner of my room.

his friends but has multipied since...

my sleeping little prince....

just perfect for the essential cot and changing area.....even when half asleep i can do the job of nappy changing effortlessly.....

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

UPDATE : christmas prep.....

my little baba in santa's little helper outfit

still in working out for my final finishing touches.....

3 baby items you think you can do without....

but for me, this was the most helpful and great products that a mommy like me cannot do without.

1) bottle drainer from munchkin... i used to use a tea towel which is messy and unhygienic.

2. roll and wiggle caterpillar toy...... jc used to be a pain during nappy time, he cry and get impatient.... with this toy on his changing area... nappy change is a fun time for him and mommy. a must have especially for a newborn baby. to help with his development but then when he is around 5 months, this is best on the floor during tummy time.

3. tommee teepee waste disposal system...... ah thanks the lord, for someone who invented this product, i used to run everyday downstair to throw away jc's nappy bin but with this, only once a week when his daddy is around to throw it. easy to use, no flapping about with nappy bags, just push and turn.....hey, no more stinky nappies smell in the house. really clever.

2011 christmas wrapping

This year christmas wrapping is sweet and simple, i wanted to use 100% recycled materials. but with the baby to take care, there's a time and planning issue.... This time last year i was so busy wrapping at least 50 gift per hour in the store i was working.....yes, i really love gift wrapping, it really make your gifts more special. well especially if your gift was't too expensive .... but for me the best gift wrap is the one that you lovingly made without costing anything. here i used: cheapest brown paper i could get from my highstreet, wallpaper samples, ikea paper , old ribbons( i never throw them away) last years christmas card , and imagination.

jc's first christmas gift....

Sunday, 4 December 2011

my baby JC's 24th weeks

its been a while since my last post, now i realized, blogging and babies doesnt really mixed. well it probably can when they get to the school age and a stay at home mom. excuses!excuses! to be honest my life now is just in auto mode. feeding, caring, taking care of home.... i sleep only for 4-5 hrs. To get everything done, i need to follow a srict regime. anyway im writing this at nearly 9 pm, which is suppose to be my 1 hr exercise. so i will live this page for now hopefully i get to update it regular.

li'l cheeky monkey......