Sunday, 24 April 2011

INSPIRE ME MONDAY .... Royal Wedding inspiration

Everyone in england are going crazy for the royal wedding. lots of street parties, picnic and celebration . Hyde park are pack of fans of our royal couple. me and hubby Steve prepares to stay at home and watch the wedding on tv.

click photos to enlarge:

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

INSPIRE ME MONDAY.... Kids Wall Arts

i didnt want JC nursery to be cluttered or looking tacky babyish, since im giving up for him almost half of my living room, i wanted to create a baby nook that is attractive, chic and will blend in with the contemporary style of my front room. I also realize that it had to function as a baby's room aside from the essential cot, storages and changer, it had to stimulate the baby's brain development. so toys and colors are essentials as well.
Here i need to pick only 2 pictures, im definite with no.1 but which of the last two?
my 1st choice:

2nd choice

3rd choice:


Untitled by LENI.G on Polyvore.

FASHION FRIDAY ......maxi and bandeau dresses


i love maxi and bandeau dresses at the moment. i can never wear this before it used to make me look pregnant but now its prefect for my pregnant shape. it makes me feel sexy.




and heres my fashion icon, SJP

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MY MIDWEEK MOOD.....Spring cleaning and getting fit to deliver

It seems that my bump is getting bigger faster as my due date is approaching. i was enjoying that 'blooming' feeling you get until you started going downhill, everyone tells you that its time to stop and take a rest to save your energy for the baby. A lot of people are really mis-imform about the importance of exercise for a fitter pregnancy. I really feel that continues exercise and keeping up your fitness level up to at least 37 weeks, would help you have the delivery and quicker recovery after birth. I used to be a personnel trainer in the past, and i have work with a lot of pregnant women who chooses to stay fit throughout their pregnancy. and i tell you, it works and it makes a lot of sense. yes there are exercises to avoid, like lying flat on your back after 16 weeks and contact sports where there is a risk of being hit. But most exercises are depending on your fitness level before and during pregnancy.
The more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. it will also help you to cope with labour and get back into shape after birth.
So keep up your normal daily physical activity or exercise(sport, dancing or just walking or even cleaning your house) as long as you feel comfortable. Dont exhaust yourself and you really do need to slow down as your pregnancy progresses. never exercise too strenuosly.
Also do tell your doctor what form of exercises you are doing, if you are not a personal trainer like me, do get a personal trainer who is certified to teach pregnant women. In my body pump class, my teacher is pregnant like me although i dont have the fitness level like her. The aim is to maintain your fitness level, not to reach a peak level of fitness.

enjoy blooming!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

INSPIRE ME MONDAY....Nursery Inspirations

here are the pictures of all my favorite nursery that i personally picked from Ohdeedoh. i wanted a modern, uncluttered nursery using grownup colors combine with fresh colors.

(photo source: ohdeedoh by apartment therapy) click the title to the link

a baby is unestimatable mark twain(1835-1910)

MY WEEKEND......Love Blossom....

me and steve are future mom and dad to baby boy that we named Jose Christopher, from my late father. it has been a late findings since i was already going through my menapause and our first 2 test says that i was negative. As i was also told by my oncologist, after my cancer treatment in 2007 that i may never have children aside maybe a chance with IVF. we were blowned away with shock when we found out that i am 5 months expecting. We were really not expecting it anymore. We were contented to just marry and live just the two of us. But this is even better. we will have a baby... thanks god for blessing us.

UPDATE.....31 victor road Revisited..

my old shared house now renovated into a modern family home...

barbecue in the garden , my old memories in the house with ex landlady and her sister.

the new baby in the house , Sian....

claudya and sian