Wednesday, 23 April 2014


 This season i must go . . .

Editing my wardrobe for the summer.  items are all from few season ago... marc jacobs splash edt,  chloe capucine edp limited edition are all from my allocation from my former job.  Jessica nails polish is the new season color  available at the moment from john lewis.


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Get Organize

Spring is a time for new beginning,  a fresh new start. 
Today i feel so much gratitude in my home life that i want to leave you some inspiration,  thoughts for a happier life at home without over indulging.  To try to live within our means.  We all dream of a bigger home.  But then we are face of a reality that it is what it is.   Don't spend the money you simply do not have.  Save your money and purchase only what you really need. 
The best thing in life are free...

whats wrong with Wilkenson or poundstretcher ?  if you got an eye, you can find something cheap but chic.  

Create a more efficient lifestyle,  A good time management.

The difference between STYLE  and  FASHION.... STYLE is eternal... FASHION does not YSL.

organizational inspiration

Maximize your Space and Clear out Clutter.
My  moto  ;   For every new thing you bring into your home, get rid of 2 things.

Monday, 21 April 2014

INSPIRE ME MONDAY: home for happy kids

A home plays an important part in a child's development and growth.  With families living in a compact home like most people in London where space is a premium and  the new  imposed  bedroom tax by the council.  People has no choice but to live in smaller space.  
But living small should not be the same as living cramped.   Kids can have their space that they need.  Here some ideas on how to create a hassle-free, family-friendly home,  whatever the size.

Transform a bare wall into these.

use colors for your furnishing but keep your walls white

get creative and recycle your junk ....just look at the clever shelve from old skateboard .

Keep their toys in storage like these kitchen units bought  from IKEA. 

create their own little nook where they can study, play or watch their own tv program.

If you can't find the right kids bed,  make one!

my favorite ikea hack using malm drawers.

every child should have a play kitchen.   turn an old drawers into a DIY play kitchen

Down here is  my home and my little one,  which i have to adapt to accomodate my son's need to play.

With some very simple measures, i made a humble apartment into a place where each has their own little nooks and crannies.  i create playful and safe surroundings for my son so making everyday family life full of fun and laughter.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

happy easter

hello just want to drop by and greet you all a happy easter sunday.   Hope you are having a good rest today as i do to prepare for a very busy week... painting and decorating...sorting out a lot of stuff.   I am also  trying not to  forget that today is all about a man name JESUS that was sent by god to save mankind from our sin( original sin).  This is how i was brought up believing what Easter means and i wish to carry on with this traditional belief to my own son. 
                                                          A   WOMAN OF WISDOM
For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.  For it is written,  " He catches the wise in their own carftness"; and again,  " The lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile."
                      ( 1 Corinthians 3: 19-20)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Fashion Friday: A Good Friday Selfie

Its good  friday and  i feel reflecting about my self at the moment.  Think about what i  have done this year so far...   I have a bigger plans to do this year for my blog.   I would be taking part and getting involve with bloggers get together and attending bloggers conferences.   I have'nt really been interested until lately i realize there's a lot more to do out there in the bloggers world.  I started blogging in 2009 to enable me to organize my thoughts and passion.  Its my life's journal..

I didnt really care if people read my blog or not.  Liked or Not.  for me its a therapy....a space for my self.... a space to let my inner creativity out.

                                                   This is the real me!

Dorking around!!!

Who Cares!!!

Geek is the new Chic!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Birkenstock is back

Hi there!  see i been playing with fashion styling again!  it must be the nice weather that inspire me to make a bit of effort to be stylist yet comfortable.  My personal style is  really  casual  basic,  street , relax and timeless.
 Photo:  Pinterest
My old birks bought in 2001 for a holiday in Spain has travelled in many continent.
 WHATSHU GOT?   What do you got??

Savvy Mama says . . . . Dont buy!  Work it out ...Whatever you already got in your closet. 

Do i look alright?

Only if i am slimmer,  this dress alone with a matching crossover bag and birks would really look great on me!

I got this white birks!  so i want to see if i can wear it like this.  With things i already got.

how to play with colors in your home

Decorating with colors in your home should not be too difficult as long as you don't have to commit to it.    My trick is to have a monochromatic walls and furniture then accesorize with colors.

a hint of color

so happy to see my purple orchids came alive again after almost 2 yrs of no flowers.

I love this new tea towels and mugs from George asda.

Colorful numbers and artwork

choose toys that would match your color scheme.

change your lampshades to suit your new color scheme

Why buy an extra kids table when you can use your tea table.  just buy a yard of pvc cloth!  there a lot of colorful choices in any local highstreet. 

I LOVE spring

We been so blessed with a wonderful sunny and clear day this bank holiday.   The air feels fresh at last.  slightly cool which is perfect to sit under the sun.  I been using my iphone nowadays to take photos but because of the bright day everything look great on ordinary camera phone.

My  Collection of MARC JACOBS  SPLASH  limited spring edition



Sunday, 13 April 2014

MY WEEKEND: eat. relax. inspire.

Just a note to say . . .

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend like we do.  Sunday is a time for rest and to offer a prayer of thankgiving to our creator.     Enjoying simple pleasure... as a walk to the park..painting your nails... looking at fresh flowers on your window with the sun shining.  yes!  simple pleasure as just looking at your little one hover around while you are in your own thoughts.   LIFE is beautiful....enjoy it.
                                  H  A P P Y    S U N D A Y !!!!