Friday, 8 May 2015

Fashion Friday: Summer Modest Dressing

Wondering how a Lather Day Saint  (LDS) dress for the beach?
heres an example of me in Menorca,  Might be difficult for young and fit girls,  i been young once.  well for a mormon member , we practise modesty and keeping ourselves healthy .  We do not dress to expose too much.  But you can be fashionable as you want to be. 

In the Beach:
No string bikini
all outfit and hat from John Rochas,Debenhams

In the Ward
Wear sleeves, no cleavage and no mini skirts
Skirt from TkMaxx
Cardigan and blouse from Peacock
Gold Sandal (not shown) TkMaxx
   I wanted to write this article for someone who have friends and family or someone who been invited to investigate.  this is just the basic,  you can still be yourselves and be trendy.  you need to be comfortable to what you wear.  I think trousers for ladies  are acceptable nowadays but do try to be feminine and smart.   And try not to wear too offensive clothes.  Hope this help and do not be afraid to come and visit just because we dress up in this way.  We are ordinary people!  we still love our trends and fashion.
                                                                        Love you all.   

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Faith: Why i became a mormon

Somehow I know my life will one day reach a crossroad.   My last few years i felt burden.  I could not make any decision.  The people who matters to me, gave up of frustration.  Indeed , i was searching for something but words could not express what i felt inside!   its something like being lost in a maze.
          I always knew that i have Faith...  ever since i am a young girl.   Being brought up a catholic girl,
          went to an all girls catholic school, it was fine! It was good!.. 
          It was my foundation to christian values.

         Yes, i live my life to the full.  and i have no regrets.    Throughout my life i never felt the need to belong to any church.  I hate being told what to do.  But in every bad actions and decision comes a consequence at the end.   True and lasting happiness is living under God's command.

         The elders played a vital role to my change of heart...
         The elders possess an aaronic priesthood.   The Power of Priesthood.   They have the power and authority of God.  In the Mormon church.  They are the worthy male members of the church.  They were trained since the age of 12 and ordained.  And to be worthy of the title, they must possess a pure heart and attributes of Jesus Christ so they can teach his gospel and act in his name to help bring about salvation of the human family.

So I am really greatful that God sent this magnificent men  to cross my path....

       I was a young girl a bit older than my son now when i first met my first elder.    Little that they
          know, there presence in our home had planted a seeds which one day will be my hope.

My Special Day

with Elder Jensen,  Elder Horvath, Gilberto, Elder Kgwetiane
               "And Christ hath saidIf ye will have in me ye shall have the power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.
And he hath said:  Repent all ye ends of the earth, and come unto me and be baptized in my name, and have faith in me, that ye may be saved."
                                                           Moroni 7: 33-34