Saturday, 29 December 2012

christmas day

christmas is truly wonderful when spend with loveones and especiall with little children. The delight of my little boy's face when he open the door from the bedroom with me waiting to greet him "merry christmas and look what santa had brought you" then he runs toward the living room to see his presents under the tree that he saw for the first time saying WOWW!!! Priceless!!!

putting out jc presents on christmas eve

details of my gift wrapping style

this year christmas theme:  red and white polka dots

checking out the christmas tree.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

3 days before christmas

its christmas again!  This year i started my decor a bit late 3 days before christmas and the christmas tree would be put up the night before christmas.  well simply because of my hyperactive toddler.  I desperately wanted a more tradional decor but i couldnt get myself to buy another xmas tree even though today i saw the tree in ikea gone down to 9.50£.  steve suggested a real spruce but the tought of hovering all the droppings from it.  anyway i will see,  its still 3 days to go.
this will be my sweets corner

ginger bread house but not real ginger bread.

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someone left this flowers for me outside my door.

my cookie cutter with a ribbon  and bell left last year decorated my kitchen.

christmas photos

jc new book!  christmas stories.