Monday, 30 December 2013

looking ahead 2014

yet another year to look ahead. inspite of the gloomy weather, christmas has been excellent. peaceful, modest and beautiful. I am grateful to god of all the blessing i received. Here at home i wish everyone a Happy New Year..

Friday, 27 December 2013

sweet christmas

my heart shape bake brownies
What i love about christmas at home is the smell of pines, baking, chestnuts roast. I didnt have a real spruce so i bought pots of hyacinth, pine leaves.

fun christmas

Hello.... did you enjoy your christmas? Ours was just celebrated by the three of us. I would love to have all my family over christmas but they are all from abroad. This year i made my decoration simple but pretty. I use the same christmas tree i have for 2 years. you can check out the details on my next blog. My color scheme this year is pastel and brights color of pink, green, yellow. I took out my son's collection of animals and place them over as decoration. The same with my gift wrapping, i did rethink the way traditional christmas is decorated. I think its fun and my little boy loves it. here's a picture rain of the details.

waiting for the food.

My upgraded shop bought christmas crackers.....  which i open and added some gifts and wrap with tissue and ribbons of my choice.

found this nativity from a 99pence stores which was a perfect size to put under my son's tree.

a folded paper tree for the playhouse.

i used the winter edition of marrimekko magazine to make this one.

Friday, 20 December 2013

gift wrapping: Low on budget but big on style

For some who knew me on wrapping presents,  they knew i always use non traditional material.  Every year i challenge myself to use whatever i got around the house.    I will probably buy a couple of cheap ribbons only if i think it would be worth it, but surely it would be reuse again.    I been known in the past, of using newpaper glam up with bits of old jewelry, beads anything i can see lying around at home.

This year im using the brown paper i use for my parcel, old wallpaper samples,  and some imagination.


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Geometric Paper Christmas Decoration.....Free Printables

Hello!  Here to leave you with these cute geometric paper modeling.  I been mad about these this christmas.  It so neat and simple.  Check out for free printable and  tuturialsfor the last photo by Mini- eco

Free Printable and tutorial by mini-eco

Friday, 13 December 2013

Getting into the festive spirit...

Its christmas time again!  usually i have done my decorations in november but this year i was not sure of which look to go for.  I  been a big fan of DIY and Unique way of decorating for christmas and certainly hate very extravagant, OTT.  I also didnt like traditional plastic tree and granny way decorations.  well anyway you like it.  Its yours and its you who make your own christmas.   Its the christmas spirit that counts.

Simply  clever and original

branches and simple colorful ribbons

decorating with bulbs and flower by Nina of STYLIZIMO

Colorful diy garland by PINJACOLADA

Diy gingerbread by KOTIPILAPELI

festive socks by CECILLE LYKKE

minimalist by WEEKEND CARNIVAL

neutral by nina on STYLIZMO