Monday, 21 April 2014

INSPIRE ME MONDAY: home for happy kids

A home plays an important part in a child's development and growth.  With families living in a compact home like most people in London where space is a premium and  the new  imposed  bedroom tax by the council.  People has no choice but to live in smaller space.  
But living small should not be the same as living cramped.   Kids can have their space that they need.  Here some ideas on how to create a hassle-free, family-friendly home,  whatever the size.

Transform a bare wall into these.

use colors for your furnishing but keep your walls white

get creative and recycle your junk ....just look at the clever shelve from old skateboard .

Keep their toys in storage like these kitchen units bought  from IKEA. 

create their own little nook where they can study, play or watch their own tv program.

If you can't find the right kids bed,  make one!

my favorite ikea hack using malm drawers.

every child should have a play kitchen.   turn an old drawers into a DIY play kitchen

Down here is  my home and my little one,  which i have to adapt to accomodate my son's need to play.

With some very simple measures, i made a humble apartment into a place where each has their own little nooks and crannies.  i create playful and safe surroundings for my son so making everyday family life full of fun and laughter.

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