Thursday, 31 December 2009

happy new year everyone!!

my 2009 favorite style icons

1980's fashion was so influencial on 2007 to 2009. i have always love the grace jones edgy look. boyfriends hates it!!! but with my bald head in 2007(post chemo) the style did complement my look.

COCO is timeless. "there can only be one coco chanel"

twiggy is phenomenal!!! and everything sixties... love it!!!! one word for marc jacobs!!! GENIOUS!!!

Victoria beckham, well regardless of what others say, she is still fabulous!!!

Coco chanel.... yes she is pierce and known to be a bitch!!! but she is an icon and a legend in fashion so i salute her. having work for the house of chanel, she will always be one of my favorite style icon now and forever.

80's bad hair days

geeky hair...

need new haircut.

How to be green on xmas: wrapping it up

recycle: using uniqlo paper bags

using old scarf, jewelries and reuse whatever last year.

use cheapest wrapping paper and glam it up with glitter balls and sorrounds it with xmas decor.

by leni, the santa's little helper

cont..... christmas images

i still havent found my perfect tree this year again. hopefully next year. i wanted a white , skinny(31 cm width) 4 or 5 ft that can perfectly fit in the small corner next to my tv. so i tried decorating with balls, twigs which i painted silver 2 yrs ago and this year i added some xmas lights and even valentine lights coz they have run out of xmas lights in john lewis.

christmas images

2 yrs on... now my flat is cozy and a bit more lived in. at only 45 sq m, i have to think of ways to maximize my space while trying to tie it with the new modern building. i started with a very commercial/industrial look of black and white monochrome with a touch of red(very 80's i know) but soon i started adding green and diff shade of greys. the colors changes in my flat as my mood changes. and things should be usable or has double function as well as beautiful. i wanted everything simple and clean lines coz it makes me calm and happy.


my ancestor

the marasigan clan, the old generation.

MY PAST and my family

my brother Rene and my dad
my sis and my mom
Us four before my brother was born.
most influencial people in my life, my own flesh and blood.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

still a provinsyana

looking back from some old photo albums, i found these one from my hometown naga city, i was on vacation from abroad. This was taken from a very old fashion camera. my favorite was the one by the coconut tree which was taken by my mom, she's normally a terrible photographer but she have capture my holiday glow in this pics., The jungle is isarog mountain, which i used to climb with pals in university. A typical things to do in camarines sur is nature tripping!! but to climb, one have to be in good condition coz it was not very easy and can be unpleasant, but the reward when you see the breathtaking sight from the top. it is all worth all the pain.

to see more of camarines sur watch the link below. its awesome!!!!