Wednesday, 24 December 2014

this year christmas

Good day to everyone!  its a beautiful christmas eve morning with the sun shining.  Still no signs of snow in london.  but its ok, me and my little one is sick with coughs and colds.  I just want to drop you this christmas images i took yesterday before i sign off for christmas.
This year i am doing a lot of white with touches of gold and black.  inspire by nordic winter style.

here's my little one refuse to move out of the view!  well, since he is not feeling to well i let him be to enjoy watching his favorite film frozen.

So thats it for now....  enjoy your christmas and hopefully i see you soon after christmas...  God Jul 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

happy moment

can't help sharing these photos of my favorite moments during winter when the cold air meets the bright sun shining through the house.  Living in england which is always grey, this is a rare moments.  and a good photo opportunities.  all you need is your iphone.

little things for the festive feel

I did a little shopping in our highstreet to see what 10£ could get me and this is what i got.   a cute little elf jumper for my little man from primark.  and a matching knitted hat with bells on it.  The hat was from the ladies accessories but fits my son head.

and something for myself...  also PRIMARK

love these  reindeers from poundland.

a little festive scene....
    cake toppers snowman and carolers from Poundland.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

christmas countdown

hey ! its christmas all over again !!!!   Those mums who works up to christmas eve.  i feel so sorry for you cause christmas can be very stressful time of the year.  Every year i always tried to keep everything as less stress and costly as possible.  First i start very early,  I be buying christmas present starting january sales, for those who have lots of kids,  this is a practical way to save!  and you can still hunt for those bargains.

 This year i decorated gingerbread cookies on my son's chritmas tree,   i have to keep on replacing it since me and my son can't help eating it.  the house would smell delicious with all the gingerbread and hyacinth blooms. 

Again this year i got my old small tree,  i was thinking of selling it in ebay and wanted a real spruce but the thought of having to vacuum the pine needles.  `my son absolutely adore this little tree!  it reminds him of the movie Frozen.  I bought a new twinkling lights and decorated it with only white.  it looks magical at night.

My chistmas color scheme this year.....  white/ gold  and a touch of black.

So pleased with ikea for bringing out this one.  I been dreaming of these for so long...