Monday, 21 June 2010

MY WEEKEND....Gelynis Farm...guest house B&B, fruit farm & vineyard

GELYNIS FARM HOUSE is a very charming grade 2 listed building that dates back to the 16th century. Lovingly restored by the its new owner.
Anyone who stays in this Guest house will expect a warm welcome from a lovely host. As they say... It is really a place to stay in Cardiff.

photos created by lenig.

MY MIDWEEK MOOD........(feelings from the weekend) Awakening to your dream

(carter and me)
on our inspiring weekend to cardiff in south wales. lies this magnificent CASTELL COCH, or red Castle. The little village nearby, is where carter was born and the last place he ever felt happy and at home...i thought this place only exist on fairytale....

all the world's a stage.
and all the men and women merely players;
they have their exits and their entrances;
and one man in his time plays many parts.....
(as you like it)

life is just an illusion.
the world is a giant theatre.

in other words, we writes, produces, directs our own life path like a production.
we may choose a tragic script like hamlet, romeo and juliet. or others a romantic comedy. perhaps a Midsummer Night's Dream. or a Search for the Holy Grail.

but if we dont like our script, WE CAN CHANGE IT.

neither fate nor God chose our script- WE DID!!!!

and if it is tragic, painful or simply dull, we can decide to re-write it.

day by day, moment by moment, WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY.

But as spiritual beings, we pick one script rather than another. WHY? because we wish to learn and grow.

our life will naturally, require personal and spiritual growth, coming to know ourselves, learning to love, overcoming blockages and limitation, expressing our potential and strengths, becoming whole, being creative and being joyful.

thank you for bringing me here carter .............:)
photos by lenig.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

INSPIRE ME MONDAY......Winner of the Small Cool Contest 2010 by apartment therapy

BETH'S TEENY TINY PEEK-A-BOO winner of the teeny tiny division from this year's SMALL COOL CONTEST.

i just taught... before i head to Cardiff Wales for a weekend, i want to leave you with these wonderful inspiration... i am so impressed by how beth uses her space in these tiny only 365 sq ft home. Everytime i look at her house tour, it really does inspire me and make me feel excited.

Well hope you enjoy these.....

have a nice weekend.......

INSPIRE ME MONDAY (white rooms)...

lovers of white in their home - a logical flow of spaces for easy living, aesthetically pleasing symmetry, the calming atmosphere of the minimalist environment. well thats what architecture and interior design is about...creating order.

my new interior by leni

CASA FINISTERRA... is an extremely elegant and luxurious home with minimalist furniture. It is located in Cabo on a rocky site above the ocean. Designed by Steven Harris architects and decorated by Rees Roberto.
truly a fantasy home which everyone would dream....

more on casa finiterra...

below are photos of my favorite rooms own by ordinary home loving people who likes to blog their own home.

ivy of DOMESTIC STORIES, her blog ....she reminds me when i was single... she loves taking awesome picture of the corners of her home in germany  showing that you can enjoy the simple pleasure of being home.
penthouse of ivy style33

source from property guide.

source from made by girl

source from apartment therapy
i love this dining table and the fab classic chair