Friday, 2 August 2013

summer time in the city

Hello .... its been a while since i posted some of our photos.     
My little man is now a hyperactive toddler  and i am still a full time mom.  Its been a brilliant apportunity for me to have this time with my boy.  Truly a blessing....     I missed my former working life though...  the wages.....the incentives and the social life.    But i couldnt let this thing get me down now.      I wouldn't want anything in this world but watch my kid grow up.    Right now while im writing these,  he is behind me giving me a hug and nibbling my ears........Oh i couldnt get enough of these.

JC and his friend Kian

kew garden

the beautiful row of terrace housing near kew gardens

pirate ship at lady diana memorial park
portabello market street.
The happiest people do not have everything  they just make the best of everything

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