Saturday, 7 April 2012

MY WEEKEND: one bright lazy afternoon with my li'l man

li'l jc
 hello ....just to share some photos taken this week. we've  been so busy going to the children center everyday so this good  friday i decided to have a nice quiet afternoon with my little fella,  cook a lovely meal for myself, take snap photos of the little cruiser while i do some editing on my polyvore.   i  had been noticing my little man had started to develop a bit of a cheeky character , learned what make mommy tick.. constantly trying to do things that i stop him to do.  so im trying to do reverse psychology.  just had to child proof my house to avoid him getting hurt.
this picture has a lot of resembrance to his daddy...

Egg hunt?

snack for the li'l man.....melted cheese on toasted bagle and cherry tomatoes

can't wait to go out....

reading?  or just trying to look smart?

my late lunch/dinner combined-  seafood spaghetti.

just put up the happy easter garland

my favorite spring flowers

these colors brings sunshine and happiness to any  day.

my handmade crane mobile

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