Thursday, 5 April 2012

FASHION FRIDAY: my li'l dribbler

remember i used to do some fashion styling on a friday using  whatever i have in my wardrobe.  its a way to encourage myself to try to look after my body and well-being.   coz i believe whatever you wear will always looks better if you look after yourself.  but the life of a  full time mom is really hectic, no more gyms for me, after 25 years of being an active gym member.  even though i always promise myself not to let myself go down that root of becoming just nothing but jc's mummy.  on your own, it can be a hard motivation.  here... i still feel not fully myself.. exhausted,...lack of sleep and feeling F. A .T...

my model ....

but i wouldnt trade my new life of being a mum to this gorgeous adorable little boy..... even though he's such a handful.  here modeling his new bib collection .

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