Thursday, 27 March 2014


Finally i had sat down to do some post.  I haven't been lazy, just been busy doing some work for other people.  I started going to the gym as much as i can get a free time while my son is with his childminder.  I don't know if i mention it before,  that i been suffering from a thyroid desease- hyperthroidism- also called Graves.  I been on medication of antithyroid drugs carbimazole since May last year.  At the moment my bloodtest report clinically and biochrmically euthyroid.  i think they mean balance.  My heart palpitation has definitely stop but i have put on a lot of weight.  I started to go back to the gym when i started to feel really horrible, like muscle weekness and was looking really bloated.  
Anyway to change the subject,  i really like abstract geometrical shapes in an art form and used as a feature walls or accent. 

photo: from my iphone.

photo:  weekend carnival

photo:  weekend carnival

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