Friday, 13 December 2013

Getting into the festive spirit...

Its christmas time again!  usually i have done my decorations in november but this year i was not sure of which look to go for.  I  been a big fan of DIY and Unique way of decorating for christmas and certainly hate very extravagant, OTT.  I also didnt like traditional plastic tree and granny way decorations.  well anyway you like it.  Its yours and its you who make your own christmas.   Its the christmas spirit that counts.

Simply  clever and original

branches and simple colorful ribbons

decorating with bulbs and flower by Nina of STYLIZIMO

Colorful diy garland by PINJACOLADA

Diy gingerbread by KOTIPILAPELI

festive socks by CECILLE LYKKE

minimalist by WEEKEND CARNIVAL

neutral by nina on STYLIZMO

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