Saturday, 12 May 2012

MY WEEKENED: A time for myself

Hi there!   what a lovely bright day today.  Shame got loads of stuff to do today ,  got to do some listing on my ebay shop,  do a photo shoot on my house which would be given to my agent, as you know i am selling my flat to move to cardiff hopefully at the end of this year and i am going out with a friend tonight.  Today my 2 boys went for a dayout in Coran Fields .  its a haven for fun, well if you are a kiddie!  7 acres of playground and park for young children  visiting london.    No adult is allowed without a company of a young child under age 16 is allowed.
got up early to make pack lunches for my boys.  homemade nutri- bun.

My homemade norwegian upstairs neighbor taught me how to make.   SO... pleased!  from now on we will only have home made breads.....

At the moment enjoying my morning breakfast without interuption from the 2 boys.......  ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND.....

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