Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy mums = Happy kids

Hi!   for those who have celebrated mother's day.  here in england we celebrate on  march. 

 My li'l jc  is now 11 months old.  wow!  can't believe it!  I feel so blessed to be the mother of this adorable little man.  a bit cheeky and stubborn....ok ..but aren't all kid?  As a first timer mommy,  i am keen to learn all the tricks of good parenting.  im always in my local library looking for one.  But there is a book i am curious about which is just being published recently "FRENCH CHILDREN DON'T THROW FOOD".   It is one thing i have observed and admired when dining in france was the diffrences their children behave in a dining table.  in a party in france i wouldnt even notice the children coz they dont create any chaos.  They would eat everything they were given which is usually a four course meal.  French children are taught to listen and deal with their frustration and boredom.  They let them be children.  there is a good balance between being authoritative without being authoritarian.  well if you are interested to read more about it its here 

Happy Kids...  what i am reading right now.

JC  making friends with a lovely girl in his Perform  class.

JC making charm moves!  i was too slow to take picture,  he gave her a very sweet hug and kiss in the lips..  everyone was like.....Ohhhhhh so sweeet.

here is one of my own baby food recipe,  JC's favorite!  I always give him a big kiss whenever he cleans his bowl with this meal.... imagine all the complete nutrients ... he got some allergies (ezsema flare up)in certain foods and usually got a small appetite.  this is best for babies from 9 months up since its better just mash up  a bit by fork rather than blending it.

Guillaume and Josieb.

a sweet picture of  a mother and son.  My most influencial people in my life. 

my pretty mum and sister

enjoy the rest of the week.....

thank you for reading 

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