Sunday, 18 December 2011

2011 Christmas images

This year christmas my decor was inspired by childhood memories and my love for scandinavian retro, shabby chic in a contemporary twist..  I made a mistake of buying an expensive glittering modern xmas tree last year.  now im stuck with it unless i can sell it in ebay for a fair price.  I always wanted a piece of fallen branch of tree , decorated with handmade objects.  .

Childhood Inspirations,   my DIY decorated mason jar for chocolates and my table centerpiece, a piece of fallen branch found in one of our walk in the park. decorated with my butterflies and handmade tree ornaments. 

ikea got a nice napkins selection this year...and this little decor is so cute.
this picture was a cutout from a john lewis newletter last year.   Love the artwork that i couldnt let it go when i was throwing out the magazine.
JC xmas stocking ... all filled up with goodies and  his xmas teddy wearing his xmas bib.
my cake stand got a different purpose this year.

the new family picture corner
well can't resist to take this picture of the cute li'l jc playing with his new shoes , a pressee from godmother

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