Tuesday, 13 December 2011

3 baby items you think you can do without....

but for me, this was the most helpful and great products that a mommy like me cannot do without.

1) bottle drainer from munchkin... i used to use a tea towel which is messy and unhygienic.

2. V.tech.. roll and wiggle caterpillar toy...... jc used to be a pain during nappy time, he cry and get impatient.... with this toy on his changing area... nappy change is a fun time for him and mommy. a must have especially for a newborn baby. to help with his development but then when he is around 5 months, this is best on the floor during tummy time.

3. tommee teepee waste disposal system...... ah thanks the lord, for someone who invented this product, i used to run everyday downstair to throw away jc's nappy bin but with this, only once a week when his daddy is around to throw it. easy to use, no flapping about with nappy bags, just push and turn.....hey, no more stinky nappies smell in the house. really clever.

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