Friday, 8 May 2015

Fashion Friday: Summer Modest Dressing

Wondering how a Lather Day Saint  (LDS) dress for the beach?
heres an example of me in Menorca,  Might be difficult for young and fit girls,  i been young once.  well for a mormon member , we practise modesty and keeping ourselves healthy .  We do not dress to expose too much.  But you can be fashionable as you want to be. 

In the Beach:
No string bikini
all outfit and hat from John Rochas,Debenhams

In the Ward
Wear sleeves, no cleavage and no mini skirts
Skirt from TkMaxx
Cardigan and blouse from Peacock
Gold Sandal (not shown) TkMaxx
   I wanted to write this article for someone who have friends and family or someone who been invited to investigate.  this is just the basic,  you can still be yourselves and be trendy.  you need to be comfortable to what you wear.  I think trousers for ladies  are acceptable nowadays but do try to be feminine and smart.   And try not to wear too offensive clothes.  Hope this help and do not be afraid to come and visit just because we dress up in this way.  We are ordinary people!  we still love our trends and fashion.
                                                                        Love you all.   

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