Tuesday, 16 December 2014

christmas countdown

hey ! its christmas all over again !!!!   Those mums who works up to christmas eve.  i feel so sorry for you cause christmas can be very stressful time of the year.  Every year i always tried to keep everything as less stress and costly as possible.  First i start very early,  I be buying christmas present starting january sales, for those who have lots of kids,  this is a practical way to save!  and you can still hunt for those bargains.

 This year i decorated gingerbread cookies on my son's chritmas tree,   i have to keep on replacing it since me and my son can't help eating it.  the house would smell delicious with all the gingerbread and hyacinth blooms. 

Again this year i got my old small tree,  i was thinking of selling it in ebay and wanted a real spruce but the thought of having to vacuum the pine needles.  `my son absolutely adore this little tree!  it reminds him of the movie Frozen.  I bought a new twinkling lights and decorated it with only white.  it looks magical at night.

My chistmas color scheme this year.....  white/ gold  and a touch of black.

So pleased with ikea for bringing out this one.  I been dreaming of these for so long...

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