Wednesday, 19 September 2012

MIDWEEK MOOD: get well my baby!!

Our weekend was spend caring for my baby who finally catch the colds virus.  This was the 2nd time he got ill but the first one he didnt have a lot of mucus. It started on friday afternoon when he started moaning and i suspect that his throat was hurting.  i decided to give him ibuprufen but he threw up.  threwing up all his meals that day.  The next day he was not in good mood and refuse to eat anything.  so i decided to take him to the doctor.  I continue giving ibuprufen every 6 hrs 3x a day until sunday then monday he seems to be feeling better so i gave him only 2 doses.  At night we also use KARVOL vaporizer which works well unblocking his nose and giving him a good night  sleep.
moan, moan , moan with his bunny

feeling a lot better!

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