Saturday, 31 March 2012

INSPIRED BY KIDS: a baby's den

hi!!!  especially to mum's out there,  if you are like me who like's minimalist decor  and a tidy freak but have to give up for the sake of your child's development, the important of play.  we are our child's first and most important teacher.  play helps our child to try out new things, make connections, take risks, make mistakes, solve problems and express their feelings.  playing is important for your child's learning, thinking and development.  it is also the heart of how they begin to make connections and develop their understanding of the world.

the new look of my living room....i tend to rearrange everything around so jc dont feel bored, he is a kind who likes to move and about, ( little transporters) likes movings things and carrying, pulling, emptying.  when jc goes to bed at 7pm everything goes to that boxes under those lack tables including the pop up tent. so i could have my space again.

pop up tent for a little nook. but he prefers to pull down at the moment.

my hallway as a play area. 

this rug was bought in a flea market in my highstreet, it was perfect size to my narrow hallway.

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