Thursday, 16 June 2011

UPDATE....maternity leave / 1 week to go.. house tour.

Its nearly weekend and as today, its 8 days before my due date. I was really getting bored of waiting but i realized that its the best time to really enjoy what i love, decorating and styling my home.

(click photos to enlarge)

this is a collage to give you the overall view of the changes in my flat, you notice the space had becomes more brighter, i still kept most of the walls white but i decided to add some bright blue and dark grey with splashes of yellow. The look im aiming is a contemporary used of bold colors to give a cute and cozy feel. its was really inspired by children rooms.

my favorite since my childhood, Hello Kitty from John lewis but its only for me.

I have a few of these harajuko dolls that came as a top of a fragrance. I adore them so i put them in one of these frame that came from ikea and used one of the sample wallpaper that you can order from a store, it was named "brighton" from harlequins wallpaper.

abacus bought from a charity shop, it was dirty and brown but i have given it a new life of fresh white paints and colors bead to match the new color scheme.

so proud of these, my own DIY baby's wardrobe, which used to be my shoe and handbag closet. i still have my shoes halfway up. But i have design this wardrobe for when the baby is a toddler, he can easily reach his own stuff. The textiles i used with matching boxes and hooks are from ikea fabler range.

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