Wednesday, 16 June 2010 my favorite bloggers

here are my most favorite blogs .... they are very passionate and talented bloggers that are dedicated to give people inspirations toward making their home beautiful and making the most of little things they got and at the same time sharing their knowledge in a most loving details.... thank you very much to all of you...

1) APARTMENT THERAPY. the most popular and sucessful interior blog on line founded by MAXWELL GILLINGHAM RYAN, an interior designer, this site is devoted to helping people make their home beautiful, organized and healthy.

author JENNIFER RAMOS, a driven entrepreneur who also runs Made By

3) Decor8
founder & editor HOLY BECKER, a freelance journalist & design consultant.

4) BUSY BEE'S BLOG. also an author of the popular flickr IVY STYLE 33 .. is a frelance decorator and interior design consultant. originally from greece who now lives in germany...

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