Thursday, 31 December 2009

my 2009 favorite style icons

1980's fashion was so influencial on 2007 to 2009. i have always love the grace jones edgy look. boyfriends hates it!!! but with my bald head in 2007(post chemo) the style did complement my look.

COCO is timeless. "there can only be one coco chanel"

twiggy is phenomenal!!! and everything sixties... love it!!!! one word for marc jacobs!!! GENIOUS!!!

Victoria beckham, well regardless of what others say, she is still fabulous!!!

Coco chanel.... yes she is pierce and known to be a bitch!!! but she is an icon and a legend in fashion so i salute her. having work for the house of chanel, she will always be one of my favorite style icon now and forever.

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